POS Green Solution Islands

At spoga+gafa the POS Green Solution Islands will show readymade ideas for the design and styling of retail spaces for both garden centres and DIY markets. Besides the inspiration the islands clearly focus on practical examples for the implementation to increase sales. All POS Green Solution Islands are planned on a ground space that could be easily adopted to promotion spaces available in any retail store.

The combination of various products from the different ranges offers specific examples for the styling of the consumer’s home and targets the idea of cross selling and curated shopping. While the customer’s attention is also drawn to new and more products the buying desire is increased.

Regardless of industry plants are undergoing a revival and become integral part of the design of shop interiors for what reason the POS islands are strongly focussing on plants. Furthermore plants obtain an increasing importance for the consumer while the POS islands present the integration of plants in everyday life. Besides that furniture, planters, decoration, grills, sanitary objects and much more products are integrated and therewith prominently presented in addition to the specialist department

All themes present the relevant topics for the consumers with regard to plants and the design of the own home and therewith offer specific options for the trade visitors of spoga+gafa to target their own customers.

5 Islands - 5 Themes at spoga+gafa 2017

Following the general trend „make-it-by-yourself“ this islands focusses on the cultivation and reproduction of indoor plants and offers manifold ideas for decoration.

Indoor Gardening

This island presents two settings for balconies picking up the theme of urban gardening as well as concepts for the furnishing and styling of tiny spaces.

All you can eat

Here an example is presented how plants and decoration could be combined with sanitary objects at the POS. The green focus targets conceptual plants contributing to a better room climate by emitting more oxygen or puryfying the air.

Living with plants

Who is not going to try to keep the memory of the last holiday alive at home? This rooftop garden is an exclusive retreat in the urban space far above the streets and the traffic which keeps the memories of the last holiday alive through scents and flavours.

Summer breeze

This installation presents another trend for various industries – the Cactus. While the plant holds a niche existence in most German garden centres cactuses are a hot and trendy topic in the Netherlands obtaining strong sales.

From desert to design

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