POS Green Solution Islands

The principle: Inform, inspire and integrate.

At spoga+gafa the POS Green Solution Islands will show readymade ideas for the design and styling of retail spaces for both garden centres and DIY markets. Besides the inspiration the islands clearly focus on practical examples for the implementation to increase sales. All POS Green Solution Islands are planned on a ground space that could be easily adopted to promotion spaces available in any retail store.

The combination of various products from the different ranges offers specific examples for the styling of the consumer’s home and targets the idea of cross selling and curated shopping. While the customer’s attention is also drawn to new and more products the buying desire is increased.

All themes present the relevant topics for the consumers with regard to plants and the design of the own home and therewith offer specific options for the trade visitors of spoga+gafa to target their own customers.

The themes 2018

Plant Hunter
The garden world not only further develops in terms of the technology and design - new versions of the actual stars themselves - the plants - are being introduced onto the market. The POS Island Plant Hunter presents newly discovered plants from all over the globe as well as current creations from the best plant growers in the world, exemplified by the diversity of gerbera varieties in all sizes, colors and shapes.

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Living with plants
Plants not only provide a well-being atmosphere in private homes - people want to design the more and more frequently used home office as pleasantly as possible too. Here the emphasis lies on easy-care and smart gardening, after all the plants shouldn't cause even more work. The POS Island Living with Plants demonstrates current, innovative solutions for easy-care living with plants at home and in the home office.

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Grab & Go
To-go, street food, street art, Create your Plant, take-away: These are the keywords of the POS Island Grab and go. Small, finished products that one can simply carry away or present as a small gift, for example small fragrant carnations or even miniature orchids - here every visitor is guaranteed to take a piece of garden delight home with them!

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The good old days in their latest form: Grow one's own vegetables, preserve fruit, simply make things oneself - and at the same time also consider nature. spoga+gafa is picking up on this homemade trend: With its own POS Island, which will present an appropriately designed garden, including herbs, flowers, plant pots and furniture of matching styles.

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Upside down
Green plants are totally on trend with the architects, consumers and trendsetters again. Visual design is currently experiencing new dimensions - vertical walls and roofs in the outdoor area - hanging and climbing plants - a real revival. As a practical side-effect, these plants provide a more pleasant and improved atmospheric climate. Easy-to-care for succulent plants are particularly in favour among the consumers. In visual terms, Upside down is playful and eye-catching, which attracts the glances of the onlookers and which can be implemented in a wide range of places.

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Construction plans
Here you can order the construction plans of spoga+gafa POS Green Solution Islands. We wish you great success for your business.