Summer breeze

Who is not going to try to keep the memory of the last holiday alive at home? This rooftop garden is an exclusive retreat in the urban space far above the streets and the traffic which keeps the memories of the last holiday alive through scents and flavours.

We like to thank the following companies for their support:

Addenda Passage 4/5, A052
Amigra Passage 4/5, A052
Van Woudenburg Tuinplanten Passage 4/5, A052
Decoration and planters
Emsa GmbH Hall 10.1, E008/F009
Ter Steege Hall 10.1, A030/B031
Furniture, lighting and BBQ
De Haan Retail Supportgroep B.V Hall 10.1, A041
Korhani of Canada, Inc Hall 2.1, B048
Näve Leuchten GmbH Hall 10.1, F035
Stern GmbH & Co. KG Hall 10.2, L091/M090
Van der Leeden Mandwerk BV Hall 10.1, A001/A008
Professional outdoor kitchen systems Hall 8.1, A020n
Equipment, tools and materials
Birchmeier Sprühtechnik AG Hall 6.1, C021a
Einheitserdewerke Patzer Passage 4/5, B020