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It meets everyone's taste: At spoga+gafa garden enthusiasts can experience the entire world of barbecuing - and the largest coherent offer of grill and BBQ products worldwide.

The halls 7 and 8 are the centre of the international grill and BBQ industry. This is where world-famous and exciting new brands from all over the world show what is and what is going to become important on the barbecue scene - in a depth that is found nowhere else in the world. Further highlight: The Barbecue Park, an outdoor open-air area with live barbecue shows, a practical area, prominent guests and exciting expert talks. This is also the location of the Barbecue Industry Association Grill (BIAG) - which is entering the next round of a successful event in 2016: For experts, buyers and customers from the barbecue industry the 'BIAG Buyers Brunch' is the perfect place for networking and talking shop.