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IVG Power Places Akku and Power Place Smart Gardening

The latest garden technology awaits you at spoga+gafa. The trend is: Smart Gardening. Smart technology is being implemented when planting greenery and for plant care, as well as on the terrace or on the balcony. Experience exciting innovations close-up on the theme islands IVG Power Place Akku and Power Place Smart Gardening.

IVG Power Places Akku and the Smart Gardening World at spoga+gafa

Smart technology for the smart garden

Technology has long since hit the garden. Which is why the exhibition areas IVG Power Place Akku and Power Place Smart Gardening are focusing on the numerous technological achievements that change and enrich the garden living space. For example, the innovative solutions facilitate lawn care and garden irrigation. Smart garden technology is also being implemented in the BBQ and grill or outdoor lighting sections.

At spoga+gafa you can discover all of this on an exclusive event area. International manufacturers will present their new products live and give insights into the latest developments in garden technology in the scope of exciting lectures.

How garden technology is changing the garden

Technology has always had a significant influence on our everyday routines. This also applies for the garden. One only has to think about the invention of the lawn mower almost two hundred years ago - which has been continually improved and further developed through to the modern, robotic lawn mower that circles around your garden. Technology constantly further develops today too and brings with it more and more convenient gadgets and improvements for the garden. Smart gardening is the logical extension to smart home - because the garden is a fixed element of living. Smart garden accessories are however no longer purely limited down to caring for the lawn or the plants. The terrace and balcony as living space also benefit from intelligent technologies. You can discover which these are in the IVG Power Place Akku and Power Place Smart Gardening special exhibitions - look forward to diving into the garden world of tomorrow!

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