Cologne: 01.–03.09.2019

City Gardening is the main theme 2019

POS Green Solution Islands

Plant trend themes are the focal point of the POS Green Solution Islands at spoga+gafa. They are both sources of inspiration and examples of implementation for the home, garden and activity areas. The areas are always created in such a way that they can be perfectly integrated into the normal campaign areas of garden centres and DIY stores.

POS Green Solution Islands at spoga+gafa

For the third time on spoga+gafa: The POS Green Solution Islands. The number one trend theme this year, with its own POS Green Solution Island: City Gardening.

City Gardening - gardening without a garden. With stylised balconies, patios and urban useable areas, visitors are presented with the possibilities of using them in the real use environment. International lectures and active product shows accompany the theme. Special attention is paid to solutions for the topics like vacation watering, cultivation in a small space as well as the smart lighting of the "City Oases".

The further titles of this year's POS Green Solution Islands are:

  • Wellness in Nature
  • Kids Garden
  • Flower Power
  • Living with Plants - My Tiny Coffee Shop

Read more details here shortly.

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POS Green Solution Islands at spoga+gafa
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