Cologne: 01.–03.09.2019

Advices for planning private gardens

Practical day garden for planners and entrepreneurs

Practical day garden for planners and entrepreneurs at spoga+gafa

Meeting point hall 8

Five prominent speakers will hold lectures on themes of relevance for the industry on Monday, 2 September 2019.

Good money can be earned with the planning of private gardens - if you get involved with the customers and deliver high quality. But it's not just about the financial success of planning and execution. Selecting disease-resistant plants and creating spaces with them requires extensive specialist knowledge, as well as the professional planning of base connections.

However, expertise alone is no longer enough. Planners and construction companies also have to deal with construction law. Because the more the garden develops into an extended living room, with landfills, winter garden, outdoor kitchen, pool or sauna, the more often the question arises: is it subject to approval or not? The five speakers of the garden day garden at spoga+gafa explain important basics and impart specialist knowledge from the field.

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