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Without doubt one of the absolute highlights of the barbecue season: spoga+gafa from 1 to 3 September in Cologne. And this year BEEF! - the magazine for all men, who are passionate chefs and grill masters, is also on board! ?At BEEF! ON STAGE the editorial team will present you with insider information in the scope of three different theme sessions. ?Look forward to receiving plenty of tips and tricks from and with the BEEF! Chief Editor, Jan Spielhagen, and his team.



All gourmets still enjoy raw food today, but only few animal food products are eaten really raw. ? What types of meat and fish can be prepared and eaten raw? Why do you have beef carpaccio, but not pork carpaccio? Why does one never eat chicken raw? Why do we eat beef filet, but not beef heart? What needs to be paid attention to with tuna, gilthead and octopus? You can find out answers to all of these questions, how this all works and what happens in the very insides live at BEEF! ON STAGE.



There are a few monsters from the ocean that fascinate everyone: spider crabs, scorpionfish, monkfish, sharks. Take a cautious, yet courageous plunge - your bravery will be rewarded with fantastic meat!

Be part of it and watch how the BEEF! editorial team takes the delicatessen apart and how it is subsequently prepared.



Up until the invention of the vacuum chamber machine in the 1960s, almost every steak was dry aged. The beef halves were hung up on a hook in the cold store of the slaughterhouse and sold as "well-hung" after two to three weeks. Today, on the other hand most meat matures in the vacuum bag.

Pork loin and sirloin have been maturing in the meat-aging refrigerators for some weeks now. What is the difference between wet, vacuum and dry aging? Watch when the loins come out of the refrigerators and are taken apart.

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