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"Meet Our Visitors" with Zoltán Mihalik, Sales and Marketing Manager at Lyra Florae Kft. and proprietor of Terasz Dekor

2 Sept 2020

Zoltán Mihalik, Sales and Marketing Manager at Lyra Florae Kft. and proprietor of Terasz Dekor

Zoltán Mihalik, Sales and Marketing Manager at Lyra Florae Kft. and proprietor of Terasz Dekor

spoga+gafa is the biggest trade fair for lifestyle in the garden. How important is spoga+gafa for your business?

The garden trade fair spoga+gafa is of immense importance for our company. In my opinion every company manager in the horticulture sector who attends the trade fair gains a host of positive impulses. It not only facilitates the search for potential supplier partners, but also offers plenty of inspiration for managers, who strive to achieve continual renewal. I have been working as the Sales and Marketing Manager of Lyra Florae Kft. since 2015, for me personally participating at spoga+gafa made it easier to find business partners during the initial period. Since then I have built up many fruitful business relations thanks to the trade fair. Beyond this, the idea of opening up an own shop, Terasz Dekor, arose at spoga+gafa 2017.

From next year on the spoga+gafa will be held in the middle or at the end of June? How will the new date affect the fair? What new impulses do you expect from spoga+gafa 2021?

The summer is slightly less busy in the life of garden centres, so I think nurseries and other companies that purchase garden accessories can easily adapt to the new date. I am expecting spoga+gafa 2021 to bring new impulses through the presentation of a selection of new garden furniture and ultra-modern plant pots for the outdoor section. I hope that my new company, Terasz Dekor, which specialises in terrace and balcony supplies, will find many new partners and that we will be able to offer our customers the latest solutions. My aim is to be a pioneer in Hungary by introducing many modern and innovative horticulture solutions and thus always remaining a step ahead of our fellow competitors.

What new trends can we expect next year?

In my opinion, the year 2021 will make people even more aware of how important it is keep our living space green in addition to the built environment. I woulld like to cite the motto of Terasz Dekor Kft. here: "The future is green!" Which in our interpretation means that plants are stood on all terraces and in the spring every balcony blossoms. In my opinion even more emphasis will be placed on environmental aspects in the year 2021. The recycling and an environmentally-conscious approach towards materials should take priority today when designing individual products. We mustn't forget the intelligent solutions either. There are already many tools today that were developed for the horticulture sector, which make use of the achievements of info communications. Their usage will spread rapidly in the year 2021. A further trend we are observing is the growing popularity of designing a vegetable garden. In addition to the increase in the number of raised flower beds, we can now also grow our own vegetable garden on the balcony. It is becoming increasingly more important for people to know exactly where the vegetables that end up on the dining table come from. Domestic vegetables or fresh herbs not only fill the hobby gardener with pride, but also with a feeling of safety: We are 100% sure about the growing process, because we grew the plants from seeds ourselves.