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Stylish open air oases with a chill factor - these are the outdoor trends of 2018/2019

For optimal relaxation in the open air, outdoor experts are betting on superbly designed furniture with a well-being factor this summer. Whether on the terrace or balcony, cosiness is highly popular among open air fanatics. Generous reclining surfaces, gladly also on ground level nowadays, promise pure relaxation during the warm summer months. These are accompanied by accessories that often fulfil more than one purpose, as well as filigree silhouettes in the dining section. In terms of colours it is going to be bright, because the trend towards tomato red is not only causing a stir on people's lips, but also in the garden. The combination between blue, green and coral is also popular. Gourmet fans are really coming into their own in the outdoor kitchen, because the products are becoming of increasingly high quality. Besides the classic charcoal grill, the market is offering mobile solutions for the balcony, emission-free electric grills and also the theme smokers has established itself within the green industry in the meantime. In short: Simply grilling food is over and done with, high-level barbecuing is called for. On top of that there are also lucrative supplementary products such as noble types of mustard or unusual spices. Around 2,100 exhibitors will be presenting the full spectrum of trends and innovations for the outdoor season 2018/2019 in Cologne at spoga+gafa, the largest garden lifestyle trade fair in the world, from 2 to 4 September.

Explosive red kick: The hip colour of the summer
Its radiance is indisputable: The colour red attracts attention in every situation and it has snuck its way into the garden and onto the balconies this year. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once described the fashion colour of the summer that there is no getting around for garden lovers as follows, "It emanates the impression of both seriousness and dignity as well as grace and beauty." Gaudy benches, cool dining chairs or elegant pillar-shaped pots set signals in the home outdoor landscape. Hip open-air carpets for the floor with a dash of colour are also taking off. In addition to vibrant red, brightly patterned or classic grey and beige shades are also in fashion. This clearly illustrates that outdoor furnishings are orientating themselves more and more strongly on the indoor products.

The furniture manufacturers are also holding extravagant products with a wow effect in store for people, who want to be even bolder. An example here would be tractor or shovel tables. Among the palette of red shades, above all cherry tomato is en vogue. The deep tone reminds one of the juicy tomatoes that grow in the home garden. Even if the colour initially came under the spotlight of the catwalks, the leap into the green open-air oasis is not far off. The muted shade chili oil - the appropriate alternative for outdoor furnishers, who like things a little less shrill - is also frequently gaining in popularity. The red shades are always combined with discrete colours such as grey, white or black. This brings out the best in them. Especially the colour grey is proving extremely popular at present. This applies for both the daybed and lounger as well as for dining series. Grey outdoor furniture made of wickerwork is also hip at the moment.

Slim silhouettes for the open-air dinner
The legs of the dining tables and chairs elegantly stretch down to the floor, often in aluminium. The table tops comprising of thin material exude a weightless appearance. Graceful design, visual lightness and high functionality are all the trend for the coming season. Minimalist at the first glance, many seating options are equipped with practical features, including adjustable backrests or extra comfortable covers - made of synthetic fibres for instance. Furthermore XXL high tables, frequently square in shape, are being increasingly implemented. Rounded off by matching bar stools. The manufacturers are introducing attractively designed benches in beer garden look onto the market for those who prefer to enjoy the outdoor dining experience at traditional heights. Soft upholstery ensures comfort while dining. A trend that arises from the living section and which we will no doubt see more and more frequently in the future. The products are oriented on the 3-colour combination coral, blue and green or are produced in muted colours such as grey or brown. Overall there is a clear tendency towards filigree design language in the dining section, whereby the materials and fabrics are of increasingly high quality and are oriented much more on their indoor role models.

Atmospheric outdoor lighting
In the past years the demands in lighting for the open-air living area have increased significantly. Just like indoors, the sources of light are supposed to generate a homely atmosphere. That is why many products can be dimmed in different modes. Here, standing lamps that flood the entire outdoor area with light are also en vogue. Furthermore, wireless lamps "to-go" are also popular and multifunctional light objects make clear statements. These include lanterns for instance, which end users can also use as a mini greenhouse. Plant pots with LED lights are also totally in and solar lamps continue to be an evergreen as far as lights go. When the permanent heat is over in the autumn, heaters that are increasingly more stylish, will be back on the wishlist.

Gourmet grilling: The outdoor experience for connoisseurs.
Fully equipped outdoor kitchens with a gourmet factor are the absolute trend for open-air cooking. Many high-quality, modular solutions where the barbecue, sink and work top can be combined as desired or required, are on offer. Elegant built-in elements that grill the meat or vegetables so that they are particularly tender are of course also part and parcel here. The theme smoking is also still all the rage and these are often integrated into the appliances that often offer multifunctional handling options. As in other sections the same applies for the outdoor kitchen: The priority is on multifunctional. Smart solutions, such as app-controlled thermometers are on the advance. What's more, the BBQ market is impressing this summer with creative accessories such as cool leather aprons, robust wooden boards or fine knives. This is turning barbecuing into a lifestyle experience.

But the end consumers don't necessarily need their own garden to have a barbecue. Products for different price segments are in the meantime tailor-made to suit the different target groups. Transportable solutions, for example for a picnic in the city park or for campers, or even mobile BBQ versions with wheels for the generation 50+, are playing an important role within the industry.

Refined wickerwork is setting special accents.
The frames of a lot of lounge furniture are knotted and woven to and fro this summer. Thanks to innovative high-tech materials, designers are betting on exciting structures, which reinterpret classic wickerwork that is inspired by nature. Rattan is still extremely popular among the materials. Enhanced by creative creations out of metal or novel plastics. A further unusual novelty are safety belts that are entwined, woven or knotted with each other to form the seat and backrest. Non-visible interlocking connections round off the overall harmonious appearance of the comfortable outdoor seating solutions. As a stylish side-effect here, in some cases exciting patterns arise and bright cushions are gladly used to add colourful highlights, because the furniture is traditionally produced in muted colours such as grey, brown or beige. The rocking chair is experiencing a revival albeit with a modern design. Wicker and chain patterns are also gaining in popularity for accessories in the outdoor section, particularly in the case of lanterns.

Fresh energy: Open oases to chill out and relax
Pure relaxation is the motto in the green living-room. Outdoor upholstery furniture is showing itself from its most comfortable side and is on a par with its role models from the indoor section. The same applies for covers that convince in every respect in terms of their haptic feel. So, open-air fans can design their own totally personal relaxing oasis. Pouffées that simply invite one to chill out are ideal for unconventional sit-ins. The trend towards sitting at ground level particularly targets young people, for whom flat outdoor chairs in dark-blue as well as cosy daybeds will no doubt prove interesting. The Hollywood swing is also celebrating its comeback and extravagant design items such as looping loungers are guaranteed to pep up the open-air oasis.

In order to make life outside even more pleasant, the outdoor market offers atmospheric lighting for the evening hours. Battery-operated wireless lights are in high demand. Furthermore, splash-proof loudspeakers for music systems provide relaxing background music with a chill factor - with no risk of anything getting broken. Beach chairs in XXL format for three to four people ensure optimal relaxation with a North Sea feeling.

Strong statements: Clever accessories for open-air junkies
Well thought-out companions for the outdoor season dominate the deco collections in the garden section. Including for example a multifunctional tool with a shovel on one end and a rake on the other, a water reservoir in the shape of a rainbow or an elegant lantern with a lock. Animal motifs are still clearly popular and can't be missing from the outdoor deco. Especially the flamingo or dragonfly are two of the must-haves, which are applied to textiles or lampshades as digital prints. Structured plant pots is a major theme. The haptic quality is also constantly improving here. In terms of design the natural look is all the rage for plant pots together with cement-like pots on a wooden base. Ultra-light and durable high-tech materials are being used more frequently and go down extremely well with the end users. Terracotta is still a popular material, actually with a smeared effect this season.

Decorative iron items are being implemented as eye-catchers on the terrace or balcony. Whereas purist design is called for on the one hand, it is nostalgic, romantic products that emphasise vintage style on the other. Wicker baskets guarantee the safe transport of beverages and food from indoors to out and the refreshments are kept fresh in the blazing sunshine using compact cool boxes.

Urban gardening is a trend that isn't going to die out in a hurry.
New this year: Reliable irrigation systems that enable even people without green fingers to create an El Dorado on the balcony. Raised-bed gardens that look and work like a serving trolley are practical and elegant. In this way, plants can be wheeled directly into the sun as required. In general, serving trolleys are a trend for the open-air living-room that will firmly establish itself in the coming years. Furthermore, natural gardens, wild bees and insects are important themes for the green oasis. Among other things manufacturers are currently launching pest control products onto the market that were developed using orange oil. These are supposed to have a much less harmful effect on insects and the environment.Koelnmesse – Global Competence in Furniture, Interiors and Design: Koelnmesse is the world’s top trade fair organiser for the areas of furnishing, living and lifestyle. At the trade fair hub of Cologne, the leading international fair imm cologne as well as the trade fair formats of LivingKitchen, ORGATEC, spoga+gafa, interzum and Kind + Jugend rank among the internationally renowned and established industry meeting places. These fairs comprehensively represent the upholstered and case furniture segment, the kitchen industry, the office furniture sector and outdoor living as well as the innovations of the furniture supply industry. Over the last few years, Koelnmesse has specifically added international fairs in the most important fast-expanding markets to its portfolio. These include CIKB in Shanghai, interzum guangzhou in Guangzhou and Pueri Expo in Sao Paulo. With ambista, the online portal for the interiors business, Koelnmesse offers direct access to products, contacts, expertise and events relevant to the industry all year round.

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