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eSlot booking

For which vehicles must eSlots (time slots) be booked?

eSlots must be booked for all vehicles that deliver goods to or collect goods from our trade fair grounds.

Where can eSlots (time slots) be booked?

eSlots can be booked in the portal at following registration. Bookings can be made on site at the self-check-in at car park P22 for an additional charge.

Who can book an eSlot?

After registering, anyone can book an eSlot.

When can a time slot be booked?

The booking portal will be activated two months before set-up starts for the respective event.

Is the system responsive?

The eSlot portal is not responsive and can only be accessed via desktop devices. The navigation app NUNAV, on the other hand, is responsive and can be used with all common devices.

eSlot costs and payment

How much does an eSlot cost?
In advance in the eSlot portal
On site using self-check-in
In advance in the eSlot portal 0.00 EUR
On site using self-check-in 0.00 EUR
Vans up to and including 3.5 t
In advance in the eSlot portal 20.00 EUR
On site using self-check-in 25.00 EUR
Lorries up to and including 12 t
In advance in the eSlot portal 40.00 EUR
On site using self-check-in 50.00 EUR
Articulated lorries up to 40 t
In advance in the eSlot portal 51.00 EUR
On site using self-check-in 65.00 EUR

* A deposit of 100.00 euro will be charged for cars. This is payable in advance at P21 (in cash and only in euro). The deposit will be refunded if the exit time is respected.

How are special vehicles classified?

Crane: Corresponds to a 40-tonne lorry

Trailers: A car with a trailer is equivalent to a van; a truck (12 t) with a trailer is equivalent to a truck up to 40 t

How are eSlots paid for?

Portal: with credit card (Master Card or Visa)

Self-check-in: with EC or credit card (Master Card or Visa), with cash

eSlot in combination with NUNAV

What are the advantages of using the NUNAV app?

Navigating with the NUNAV app enables optimal routing to your booked eSlot. To use the app, enter your journey number and your PIN from the booking confirmation. NUNAV guides you without unnecessary detours, taking into account your vehicle class and any applicable restrictions as well as the current traffic situation, to the correct entrance gate and all the way to your final loading point. The system constantly adapts to the current conditions during your journey. In the event of a delay, the system automatically assigns you the next possible time slot.

Why do I have to use the NUNAV app for navigation on the Koelnmesse site?

The NUNAV navigation app should be downloaded before beginning your journey. The NUNAV navigation app is to be used to guide the driver on the fastest route to the correct loading position for navigation on the premises from the entrance gate to the loading area as well as for navigation from the loading area to the exit gate.

Where can I download the NUNAV app for navigation?

With your booking confirmation you will receive a link for the app NUNAV Navigation. You can also download the app directly at any time using the following link:

Detailed questions

For how many vehicles is eSlot booking valid?

The eSlot booking is possible per vehicle and time. This means, for example: A lorry that has to load at 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. needs two time slots.

How long can I stay on the trade fair grounds during my booked eSlot?
Passenger car (2.8 t)
Van (3.5 t)
Lorry (7.5 /12 t)
Articulated lorries (40 t)
Maximum length of stay
Passenger cars
1 hour
2 hours
Lorries (< 7.5 t)
3 hours
Lorries (> 7.5 t)
4 hours
Is it possible to specify multiple loading points when booking an eSlot?

Yes. Click on the “+” under the hall and stand number and enter the other loading points you require. However, you may only make one booking per vehicle.

Can the booking be changed afterwards?

Yes. Almost all information can be changed afterwards. To change the data, select the journey you require under “Current Journeys” in the eSlot portal and click on “Edit”.

You can also change the time slot by clicking on the “Reschedule” button.

If the eSlot is during the set-up phase of a Koelnmesse event, it is possible to change the booking to another time slot on the portal free of charge up to one week before the start of the event set-up phase. If the eSlot should fall during the dismantling phase for an event at Koelnmesse, rebooking of an alternative time slot on the portal shall be permissible up to one week prior to the start of this dismantling phase for the event. Each case requires that another eSlot is available. In addition, the vehicle type must be retained when rebooking. Rebooking must be performed by clicking on the "Reschedule" button. The times for the set-up or dismantling phases shall be displayed to the Customer before the time slot is booked.

Can a licence plate be changed in the booking?

You can change the licence plate in the eSlot portal at any time.

Can an eSlot be deleted or cancelled?

Cancellation and thus reimbursement of costs is not possible. However, the time of the booking can be changed.

Are the vehicles guarded during their stay on the exhibition grounds?

Security, surveillance, safekeeping and the granting of insurance cover shall not constitute objects of the Agreement. Even if there are staff present on the grounds of Koelnmesse, or if the grounds are subject to observation using optical-electronic equipment (video surveillance), this shall not be associated with any assumption of custody or liability, specifically where theft or damage are involved.

What happens if... / Troubleshooting

What happens if no time slot has been booked in advance?

Before entering the trade fair grounds, the driver must go to the registration office in car park P22. Waiting times on-site are likely. The prices are up to 30 percent higher than for an advance booking online.

What happens if I miss my time slot?

If you use the NUNAV app, the system automatically assigns you the next possible time slot. Waiting times may occur depending on the available time slots. If the time slot is in the future, NUNAV automatically routes the vehicle to the waiting area at P22 and informs the driver as soon as it is possible to enter the trade fair grounds.

Drivers arriving without the NUNAV app will definitely have to go to the P22 parking lot to the logistics centre (vending machine or counter) to obtain a new time slot.

There is no additional charge for assigning a new time slot. However, a new time slot can only be offered if available.

What happens if I arrive before my booked time slot?

If you use the NUNAV app, the system will automatically try to assign you an earlier time slot. If this is not possible, you will be routed to car park P22.

Drivers arriving without the NUNAV app must go to car park P22 and can try to obtain a new time slot at the self-check-in (machine or counter).

What happens if the specified time limit is exceeded?

If the customer exceeds the time limit, Koelnmesse is entitled to have the vehicle towed at the customer's/holder's expense (see Koelnmesse's building and grounds regulations). The vehicle will be released for payment of the incurred costs.

After the booked eSlot has expired, vehicles can be temporarily parked free of charge in designated parking areas. The parking areas must be cleared by 24:00 hrs on the last set-up day at the latest. Vehicles weighing less than 7.5 tons may use P21 for this purpose. Vehicles weighing more than 7.5 tons may use P22.