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Create by Obi: Do it yourself at the POS

16 Mar 2020

CREATE! by OBI Store in Cologne © OBI

CREATE! by OBI Store in Cologne © OBI

The DIY retail chain Obi motivates people to individually design their balcony - directly at the POS.

For many people craftsmanship has something satisfying. As a balance to the daily office work it offers variety and tangible results. No wonder that a real trend towards do-it-yourself has developed in recent years. This also applies to the green industry. Social networks are full of instructions on how to make your own garden furniture, planters and accessories.

Ideas and instructions

The DIY boom is mainly driven by large DIY stores. Not only do they have the right materials, they now also sell ideas and instructions for home-made furniture. With a special DIY website , the Obi retail chain has been relying on the DIY trend for a long time. The idea: Furniture from their own range can be configured online and, with the appropriate instructions and shopping list, can be built by the customer themselves.

Concept store with its own workshop

Obi has now gone a step further with the self-build concept last year. A dedicated DIY concept store invites customers to creative work directly at the POS. "Nothing off the shelf" is the motto of the store, which was opened in the center of Cologne. Here you will not only find materials and examples of furniture to build yourself, but also a workshop for immediate implementation.

CREATE! by OBI Store in Cologne © OBI

CREATE! by OBI Store in Cologne © OBI

Inspiration for self-made furniture

With the staging of self-made furniture, the concept store from Obi wants to encourage customers to furnish their home individually. Various berths on the rear walls of the store offer inspiration on site. Here you can find examples for the furnishing of living rooms as well as for the terrace and balcony - completely equipped with self-made furniture. The range of DIY garden furniture ranges from tables and benches to sun loungers and outdoor kitchens.

Instructions in workshops

If you like a piece of furniture, you can replicate it on the spot. DIY sets for each object with instructions are available for this. Customers can then lend a hand themselves in a workshop area in the middle of the store. Private workshops can also be held here on request. In addition, pieces of furniture can be configured and ordered online in the store.

CREATE! by OBI Store in Cologne © OBI

CREATE! by OBI Store in Cologne © OBI

Focus on new target groups

The clear focus of the store on DIY enthusiasts is not only interesting for classic DIY customers. The furniture kits as well as additional decoration and gift ideas also appeal to a younger audience. In addition to material and instructions, there is also an index for the level of difficulty to make it easier to get started. The easy-to-understand designs and blueprints for the furniture are created by designers and carpenters. Online hacks also offer other tips for embellishment and individual design.

Special experience

With the concept store, Obi has effectively expanded its online offer for DIY. The hardware store chain has positioned itself for a younger target group. In the growing competition, the DIY trend is brought directly to the POS and visiting the store is a special experience.

Author: Leif Hallerbach