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In the garden with: John W. Herbert (European Retail Association)

26 Feb 2019

John W. Herbert – Foto: BHB

John W. Herbert – Foto: BHB

John. W. Herbert, general secretary of the European Retail Association (EDRA), is the “elder statesman” in the DIY landscape. For 35 years he has been in charge of leading positions in German and international DIY companies as well as in national and international DIY associations.

17 years after the foundation of EDRA this organization has grown to global importance. Since the establishment of Global Home Improvement Networks (GHIN) in 2009 the activities even reach far beyond the European borders.

 Mr. Herbert, how come that trade-giants, who in the European or even worldwide field are competitive, work together in one organization?

Herbert: We have 177 companies worldwide and all important DIY-companies are our members. Our aim is the quality of the home improving all over the world and therefore our members share their best practices as long as it is no competitive issue. And this works very well. We are very protective on the competitive side, but companies from different parts of the world share their ideas.

 What are the implications of the Brexit for EDRA and what do you as an Englishman feel about it?

Herbert: First of all, as a British person I feel ashamed about the attitude of some members of the British parliament and the British public towards the European Union. I think Brexit is a terrible decision for Britain, it is a disaster for Northern Ireland and it is very bad for the rest of Europe. There is a lot of uncertainty, I think about Kingfisher or floral goods and we have not much days to go before Brexit happens and we do not know what’s happening. In simple words: It’s tragic.

 Change of scene, let’s talk about your own garden …

Herbert: We love our garden and we have a gardener, who is one of the best landscape gardeners in den Bonn area. He does the major work in our garden. Besides him, my wife keeps our garden in a wonderful condition. The garden in our home is really our pride and joy.

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