Cologne: 16.–18.06.2024 #spogagafa

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"The most important thing about barbecues is the conviviality".

5 Jun 2023

Jannik Vinke, dergrilltyp

Jannik Vinke is a boy from the Onsabrück region who has been passionate about barbecuing for many years! He started on social media with high-quality photos of his delicacies. Since there are moving pictures on Instagram, he has professionalised his grilling and production skills more and more and delights his constantly growing community almost daily with recipes around his fire plate, his pizza oven and his other grilling variations. He has even written his own cookbook "Ring of Fire" for his much-loved fire plate. He has also been on TikTok for a while now. He has created a distinctive look for himself as @dergrilltyp and produces high-quality content. Watching Jannik's videos not only definitely makes you want to gather around the fire with friends and delicious barbecue food, but also makes you hungry!

What will be the No. 1 trend topic in Germany in the next few years?

I'm pretty sure that in the next few years even more people will attach importance to good products and making them themselves, and a lot of people will definitely get involved with dough, pizza bread and homemade sausage etc. and actually want to get to grips with butchery and understand how it works and where the meat comes from.

What and with what do you prefer to grill at the moment?

I prefer to grill on my fire plate. I really like that, I can always look into the big fire hole. It takes a bit longer, but that doesn't matter, because then I can sip one more cold beer ;) And it's just so much fun, the fire plate is super versatile and ingenious.

Sustainability - what do you think about this in relation to barbecuing?

Sustainability is very important and you should pay attention to it in all aspects. Whether it's the wood you burn, the meat you eat or the other ingredients. If you approach it with a healthy mind and keep sustainability in mind, then you can actually do that well with barbecuing.

What is the most important thing about barbecuing?

The most important thing about barbecuing is, of course, that you get full (laughs). But actually, the most important thing is not only the barbecue itself, but the conviviality with the people! You almost never barbecue alone, when you light the barbecue, you don't just do it to get full, you usually have friends or family there and want to have a nice evening, or you've had a hard day and then just throw the bratwurst on the barbecue, then everyone is happy. That's the beauty of sitting around the fire together.

What is special about spoga+gafa?

All the people from the barbecue and garden scene are always incredibly busy and it's such a brilliant get-together, you see each other again and again, people come together from all over Germany, and you can meet up and talk to each other.

people come together from all over Germany and you can meet old friends and acquaintances again, which I find incredibly nice. Of course there are also exciting innovations, that's always great, but I mainly celebrate the get-together, in the evening at the party it's always really great! You can sit together with a cool drink and a delicious meal and then just chat in peace again. Almost no one has a mobile phone in their hand, which is just really good.