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AI for plant care

Digital assistants: Current garden apps

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Gardening is still manual labour. However, nowadays there are diverse, digital assistants for the design and care of one's own green space. Whether creating a vegetable garden, sowing seeds and harvesting or building a greenhouse - garden apps contain many tips and support the planning, care and documentation. With the support of artificial intelligence they help with the selection of plants, control the irrigation or monitor the growth. We are presenting some of the current applications

Apps such as Gardenize create a digital garden diary. (Bild: Gardenize AB)

Apps such as Gardenize can be used to create a digital garden diary for plant care. © Gardenize AB

Gardenize - plant care with AI

The Swedish app, Gardenize, for the care and documentation of one's own green space, has already been available for some time. However, in the scope of a current relaunch an AI-supported feature offers even more possibilities. For example, plant care notes can be recorded that are tailor-made to suit one's own garden needs. The digital diary with a photographic memory creates its own index with plants, flower beds, fruits, etc. This allows an overview of everything that was planted, sown and cultivated to make the garden care more efficient.

Garden apps simplify plant identification (Bild: Kelly Sikkema at unsplash)

Garden apps simplify plant identification. © Kelly Sikkema at unsplash

Garden Plan Pro - digital climate adaptation

The app falls back on data from over 6,500 weather stations in 20 countries to give recommendations for local planting and harvest dates. Furthermore, it contains different guidelines, plant information and intelligent tools that aim to support the user with the garden work. Thanks to a flexible drawing programme and an extensive database of plants and varieties, a garden layout can be drafted. An update entitled "New Leaf" is to make the app even better and more user-friendly in future and update it for new smartphone models.

PlantAI – Pflanzendiagnose leicht gemacht

According to the developer, this app is the most modern, AI plant care assistant. The application allows plants to be identified and diagnosed – according to the manufacturer with 98 percent accuracy. The selected plant is photographed using the smartphone and then determined by the app. It also helps recognise plant diseases and provides plant care tips. The photographic plant identification garden app, PictureThis, and the care guide, Plant Parent, which gives tips on how to keep plants healthy, are made by the same developer.

Database and drawing programme for garden layout (Bild: Garden Plan Pro)

Garden Plan Pro offers a drawing programme and an extensive database of plants and varieties for your own garden layout.© Garden Plan Pro

PlantNet - Extension with crowdsourcing

The free app was developed by various research institutes and also helps determine plants. It falls back on 30 different databases, in which millions of plants are stored. However, unlike other applications, there is no pre-defined database. Users can share their observations and thus constantly expand the saved data within different projects. In addition to the Weltflora project with plant types that are collected around the globe, databases for crop plants or specific regions are also available.

DIY app for simplified product search (Bild: © fischerwerke GmbH & Co. KG)

The fischer DIY app simplifies and speeds up product research with mobile devices while on the move. © fischerwerke GmbH & Co. KG

DIY apps - do-it-yourself tools

The well-known apps of DIY stores like Hornbach, Hagebaumarkt or Obi offer practical do-it-yourself tips for anyone, who wants to build a raised bed or greenhouse themselves. The appropriate materials and tools can also be found fast using the constantly optimised apps. The fixing technology manufacturer, Fischer, is offering a new app that works as a mobile consultant. It has an integrated wall shelf scanner so one can, for example, buy the optimal fixing device to attach plant shelves to the balcony wall. This makes it easy for self-builders to find the right product at the POS shelf in the DIY store fast.

Garden apps have become essential tools for both hobby and professional gardeners. They not only offer access to a wide spectrum of garden knowledge and resources, they mostly also convince with their convenient and user-friendly design. The next spoga+gafa will demonstrate which other innovations the digital assistants offer. International exhibitors will be presenting their new garden products in Cologne from 16 to 18 June 2024 - frequently with supporting apps to ensure their optimum application.