Cologne: 16.–18.06.2024 #spogagafa

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Garden furniture with new possibilities

Garden design for everyone

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The garden has many functions these days: It is an area for leisure activities, a green living room, a meeting point for the family and friends as well as an area of recreation and place of retreat. All of these activities should, where possible, be available to everyone. Hence, responsible garden design strives to create an environment that unites generations and makes living together as pleasant as possible.

Relaxing with friends in the garden © Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

Modern gardens are green living rooms, relaxation areas and retreats. Clever outdoor design offers a wide range of possibilities © Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

One place for many requirements

The garden for everyone offers different areas for diverse demands such as a place for living and dining on the terrace with a garden table and chairs or comfy lounge furniture, a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen, an open grass area for the children to play on or a raised-bed garden for growing culinary herbs and vegetables. Today, outdoor furniture is optimised to suit this variety of functions so that it can be used in manifold ways and in alternating living environments.

Garden lounge with variable design

Variable "Ibiza" lounge set system with extendable elements © Hartman Outdoor Products Germany GmbH

Modular diversity of use

Modular garden furniture such as outdoor sofas or seating arrangements is one example of the possibility of designing outdoor areas to suit individual needs. Depending on the space and budget at hand, the elements can be put together flexibly. Furthermore, new extendable tables and benches are suitable for the smaller or larger open-air get-together, which can be extended in a flash thanks to clever mechanisms. Multifunctional lounge furniture that can be used as a sofa, lounger or workplace is equally versatile.

Extending the functions

"Multifunction" is indeed an important key word for the garden design of today. In the same way that outdoor areas are more frequently being transformed into a living room, kitchen or dining area, new products can be adapted to suit different purposes. New outdoor kitchens can be extended as needed or can be used as a grill, counter or fire bowl in the form of mobile versions. Raised beds featuring an integrated cold frame or composter and gadgets like outdoor lamps with an inbuilt Bluetooth loudspeaker are also proving to be multifunctional nowadays.

Outdoor kitchen with multifunctional design

Fire Kitchen: Barbecue, preparation and fire bowl in one © Höfats GmbH

More ergonomics for greater comfort

In addition to multifunctional outdoor furniture, ergonomically shaped garden products also offer more comfort outside. Manufacturers are simplifying garden life with designs for all generations. Today there are outdoor sofas and loungers with an age-appropriate height that enable comfortable sitting, relaxing and getting back up. Sunshades can simply be operated by foot or thanks to sophisticated wheels moved more easily. Planting tables with a back-friendly working height or as a smaller version for children also make gardening easier.

Reclining furniture for various uses

Lounge, bench and roller lounger „Novi“ © STERN GmbH & Co. KG

Plenty of possibilities despite little space

People with an urban balcony or small courtyard no longer have to do without comfort. Compact fold-away furniture, balcony tables, lounge and dining sets are available today for outdoor areas with limited space. Small-format sunshades, gas grills or cooking elements are also improving the use of urban open spaces. Plant shelves or multi-level raised beds enable a comfortable method of growing fruit and vegetables in confined spaces.

Plant pot and bench for patio or balcony

"Sticks" is a combination of plant pot and bench for small and large outdoor areas © Cane-line A/S

Design of open spaces

There are countless options of garden design and equipment for the garden nowadays. Here, tried and trusted solutions are being rethought to offer more comfort and diversity. All areas of outdoor design are being further developed and thus promote a wide range of outdoor activities - whether relaxing, cooking and dining, gardening or having a friendly chat.

From 16 to 18 June 2024, the coming spoga+gafa with its new key theme "Responsible Gardens" will show what further new products can be awaited here.