Cologne: 16.–18.06.2024 #spogagafa

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  René Wadas | Speaker of the spoga+gafa 2023


René Wadas
The Plant Doctor
Key subjects
garden bbq, garden creation & care, garden living, Social gardens

About René Wadas

Master gardener and well-known plant doctor
He began his horticultural career with an apprenticeship as an ornamental plant grower in the horticultural town of Wolfenbüttel. After the journeyman's period, he passed his master craftsman's examination before the Chamber of Agriculture in Hanover in 1995.
After managing a garden centre for two years, he became self-employed in 1997. That was the beginning of his work as a plant doctor.
From then on, he was on the road to help people grow their gardens without using chemicals.
Completely in the spirit of his role model Marie Luise Kreuter.
Rene Wadas gained national fame in the summer of 2014 with the documentary "NaturNah - Der Pflanzendoktor".
This was the beginning of his success story.
In spring 2016, launch of the gardening programme "gärtnern natürlich" with two seasons.
Successful European trademark application Plant Doctor 2018.
To this day, the multiple bestselling author is a sought-after talk show guest in many television formats, as well as radio programmes.
Together with the Schacht company in Braunschweig, Rene Wadas successfully develops plant strengthening agents that make the use of chemical pesticides in allotment gardens superfluous.